Frogmind Releases ‘Day II – The Night’ Update for BADLAND, Introducing the Most Extensive New Features Since Launch

BADLAND, the Apple Design Award-winning mobile game from Frogmind, today brings Day II to its grand finale with the release of The Night, a free update brimming the title’s most impressive gameplay innovations to date.

Lasers, featured prominently in Night’s 10 new levels, deliver a new strategic twist to the adventure. The update brings BADLAND’s total level count to 80, twice the quantity it originally launched with in April! Players now have the option to skip checkpoints after multiple failed attempts (although unlocking missions will still require surviving a level without skipping). The update also introduces drivable vehicles, 30 new missions, seven new achievements and overall performance updates.

Night comes crashing down in Day II’s final trailer, viewable here: []

Frogmind wants to once again express its thanks for the amazing support and feedback received from BADLAND fans!

BADLANDS’s Day II – Night is now available as a free download for iOS with the BlackBerry devices following soon after. The full game can be purchased from the Apple App Store and BlackBerry World for $3.99, and is coming soon to Android platforms. Keep up with the latest good news from BADLAND by following the game on Facebook ( and Twitter (

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