Commando Jack 2.1 – Ultra Update Has Arrived and is FREE!

This update takes Commando Jack entirely FREE FOREVER! Play it to see what changes we have to create a better experience!

• Battletech Engine 2.0 – strategical thinking required, conquer each territory faster if you’re up to the challenge!
• Game focused, automated experience, don’t worry about menus / settings!
• Brand new Armory!
• Aliens have re-grouped! Play through the game to find them!
• In a pinch? Grab more build points, or extra lives in game!
• New Weapon Overheating Info-Displays!
• See which Aliens are coming in the next wave, whilst in-game!
• All Game Modes NOW FREE!!
• Level based hints on loading screens!
• Action Replays! Watch action replays of your last played game and share them with friends via EveryPlay!
• New Achievements!
• Updated Icon!
• New loading screen!

• Added support for iPhone 5 (FULLSCREEN) and iOS 7.
• Better instructions!
• Better iPad and iPhone controls!
• The video intro is now skippable!

• Many Aliens & Weapons bugs are now fixed!
• Performance improvements and bug fixes.


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