Green Hill & Ripstone are pleased to announce, Gun Commando, is now available for PlayStation® Vita and PlayStation® Mobile certified devices through the PlayStation® Mobile Store. This classic inspired FPS pits players against an alien invasion hell-bent on destroying Earth in an action-packed adventure.

Gun Commando is a retro run and gun game with 24 levels to play through and contains a large arsenal of weapons to help you deliver total annihilation. The game features epic boss battles and a large array of enemies to keep you coming back for more. er in the Time Attack Mode,the leaderboard.

Gun Commando is the first FPS available for Playstation® Mobile and it cleverly combines the platform’s polished controls and powerful display to create a unique gaming experience. The 8-bit inspired graphics pay homage to old school shooters but have been perfectly optimised with modern dynamic lighting, particle effects and a fast frame rate. The extremely talented comic-book artist Romano Molenaar has created the inspiring cut-scenes that drive the game’s epic story.

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