Hexius has arrived on the Mac App Store!

Hexius, the unique puzzle game from Phasic Labs, launches on the Mac App Store today.

It’s been a busy time for indie developer Phasic Labs – Hexius Free was launched on the iOS App Store, the Daily Mail (a national UK newspaper) featured another Phasic Labs game, Guide The Light, as their App of the Week, and now Hexius has launched on the Mac App Store!

Hexius is a popular psychedelic action-puzzler for iPhone, iPod, iPad (and now OS X) with 3 fun game modes – over 5 million games of Hexius have been played so far on the iPhone and iPad!

Hexius OS X shares Game Center leaderboards with the iOS version of the game, so you can share scores with your friends, and keep an eye on who is top of the world this week, from any platform.

The Mac version of Hexius has all of the features of the iOS version – you can race the clock in Time Attack and Level Challenge, and if you are looking for something a little less adrenaline pumping, you can take your time in Strategy Mode.

Reviews of Hexius from the iPhone/Ipad version :
· TouchReviews.net 10/10
· AppSmile.com 9/10
· AppSafari.com 10/10
· AppAddict.net 8/10
· MacCreate.com 9/10
· AppAdvice.com ‘Definitely a keeper in your iPhone game collection’
· AppShouter.com ‘you should definitely pick up Hexius’

Features of Hexius
· Time Attack Mode – connect matching hexagons as fast as possible, until time runs out – the faster you play, the higher the score multiplier goes!
· Level Challenge Mode – collect all the targets to move onto progressively harder levels. The faster you go, the more time is carried over to the next level – find out how far can you go before time runs out!
· Strategy Mode – take your time to score as highly as you can in 30 moves, making strategic use of your Multiplier bonuses.
· Bonuses – make use of Bomb, Reveal, Freeze and Multiplier bonuses to help maximize your score.
· Tutorials – animated graphical tutorials reveal the secrets of getting a higher score.
· Online Community – Log in to Game Center to share and compare scores with your friends and the world!
· Addictive gameplay – with simple to learn rules, Hexius appeals to both casual players and puzzle lovers, whilst the subtle tactics required to get really high scores will intrigue the gamer looking for more of a challenge.

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