Space Smasher

Ilitia Games, a development studio located in Madrid, has just released their latest game for Windows 8, an infinite “runner” where you have to clean the asteroid belt of a planet that could be Saturn, for example.

We can control the ship with the mouse or, if we have a terminal with Windows 8 touch screen, we can do it with your finger. The goal is to travel the maximum distance possible collecting bonuses and power-ups, preventing the battery from our humble spaceship runs out, because the game will end.

Space Smasher includes more than 30 unlockable trophies during the game, and each game is different, combines power-ups, avoid red asteroids and dare to get all the trophies if your ability allows it!

Smasher Space is currently available for Windows 8 Trial version and as a full game for $ 1.49. Very soon vill be a version for iOS and Windows Phone. We will keep you updated!

Download Space Smasher Trial ( for Windows 8


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