Critically Acclaimed ‘Solitaire 3D’ On AndroidTM Just Got Better With Recent Update Introducing New Features

Independent games developer Jonathan Barton, aka ‘Jawfin Developments’ is proud to announce the release of an updated version of ‘Solitaire 3D’ to the Google Play™ app store. Available in a Pro (paid) version in addition to a FREE version sponsored by in-app advertising, the game has scored top ratings and gained recognition as one of the more popular versions of Klondike, often referred to as Patience.

‘Solitaire 3D’ is a feature-packed digital incarnation of the classic game. Featuring simple to use intuitive controls and beautiful crisp and colorful graphics, the game allows you to select your own imagery for either side of the deck. Cards are easily positioned using drag and drop or point and click, and history is easily accessible thru the game’s redo and undo options. Updates to the new version are not limited to cool effects and visual enhancements such as animation speed, motion blur, shadows, colored highlights and choice of backgrounds, but also include online scoreboards with Normal and Vegas scoring.

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