Race cross-platform with Bopscotch! Settle which mobile OS has the best gamers!

Leda Entertainment is proud to present the first major update for their platform runner/racer game Bopscotch, launching today on Windows Phone 8, Android, iOS and also Xbox 360.

Many of the new features are aimed at the race game mode: unique to the mobile versions of Bopscotch, this allows players to link their handsets or tablets up over wifi regardless of operating system in order compete against each other in real-time.

New Features:
· Two new area themes – “Ghostberg” and “Snowville”
· “Attack” power ups to play against your opponent when racing
· Two new race circuits
· Twenty new adventure mode levels
· “Ice” feature blocks
· New character outfits to unlock
· Removal of “letterboxing” on non-widescreen displays (mobile only)
· Updated tutorial

“The attack power-ups take race mode to a whole new level,” say Ben Pritchard, principle developer of Bopscotch, “You can black your opponent’s screen out for a second or so, slow them right down and so on. We’ve had players comparing it to being ‘red-shelled’ in Mariokart at the expos we’ve been demoing at – some people get really competitive with it!”

Paul Harman, co-developer, adds: “We’ve had some great feedback since launching in September, especially from things like Play Expo where we can get hands-on with the players. We’ve improved a lot of areas, especially the tutorial, how the player gets informed of things like their speed limits being changed or completing a race lap, and general performance – especially on the newer iOS devices – and set the ball rolling for future enhancements. It’s an exciting time for Bopscotch.”

Pricing and Store Links:
Bopscotch features a free trial, with price of £1.99 GBP ($2.99 USD) to upgrade to the full game on all platforms.

Video Links:
Game trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Paa9B-NB44
Cross-platform mobile device race demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z23tDhfuqhk

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