RACECRAFT: Procedural Racing Experience out tomorrow on Steam (Video)

Vae Victis Games is really proud to announce that after one year in development, Racecraft is coming out with its innovative procedural technology March 4 on Steam Early Access!

For the first time ever in racing game players can create an endless number of realistic racetracks and craft your car to achieve the best performances in all the races and eSports events.

Players can save 20% on the launch price for the first week on: http://store.steampowered.com/app/346610/

This first Early Access release will feature:
– Procedural generation of tracks with different tortuosity and length
– Cloud saving for tracks and lap records
– Race progression vs. 100 AI levels
– HotLap Mode with Ghost or AI training
– Advanced Driving Menu: tune your car while you are driving without losing focus
– Track Analysis Adaptive Control: controls adapt according to the track shape
– Support for keyboard, gamepads and Thrustmaster, Fanatec and Logitech wheels

This first Early Access release is the foundation on which Racecraft is based. We’re going to add the following features in the next months:
– Career mode
– Multiplayer and eSports events
– Track sharing on Steam
– Asynchronous multiplayer
– Oculus VR and HTC Vive support

About This Game
Racecraft is the new racing experience by Vae Victis Games, a sandbox driving game based on procedural technology, where you can create an endless number of realistic racetracks and craft your car to achieve the best performances in all the races and eSports events.

With its original approach and innovative set of features, Racecraft aims to be a really fresh product in the racing games arena.
Racecraft: a Procedural Sandbox Racing Experience.
A proprietary procedural engine, called Camilla, generates an endless number of tracks. They can be saved and shared, producing lots of different racing situations. For the first time in the racing game category, the look and feel of the generated tracks is really similar to the real-world circuits, Racecraft has a unique hard edge futuristic design that set it apart from all other racing titles.
Sandbox Experience
Players can craft the car from scratch using (and crafting) all the different parts to generate many different sets of physical features and car setups. Players will also be able to craft their own tracks with a track editor using the same logics of the Camilla procedural engine. All events can also be defined by players: they can choose tracks, rules, cars or simply invite friends sharing the event on the different social networks.
VR support
Racecraft has been developed with VR in mind. The driving menu allows interaction with the cars during the races without losing focus. The entire game UI is usable without taking your hands off the wheel or joypad. This system is called SixInput, for steering wheel users, seats and/or a VR headset. The game also implements voice commands and a “virtual track engineer” who will help the driver improving his racing experience by talking about tracks, setup, strategy, race status, car status and so on.
Co-op and multi-roles
There will be different roles in the multiplayer mode of Racecraft. A team will be composed by several cooperative roles: driver, team manager, track engineer, mechanic, car designer and many others.
eSports Racing features
Join the official Racecraft leagues or use our complete eSports toolset to easily create your own online racing leagues and live broadcast your events.

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