Rail Racing: frantic family fun, for free, now on Android

Leading developer and independent publisher Polarbit today announced the world-wide release of slot car racer Rail Racing on Google Play.

Rail Racing’s vibrant, colourful visuals and action-packed yet balanced gameplay make it a must-play title for casual gamers as well as seasoned veterans.

Unlock twenty beautifully realized miniature cars, customizable with paint-jobs and stickers and race them through 50 + twisting, turning tracks spanning an entire house, from toy-strewn kid’s room to sun-drenched back garden. Challenge yourself by collecting all stars, coins and other bonus items and by earning all Google Play achievements.

Take on your fellow slot car fanatics through multiplayer challenges with global rankings, or in the track-by-track leaderboards with downloadable ghost races.

A clip of Rail Racing in action can be seen here:

Rail Racing is globally available from Google Play now, as a free download:

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