TECMO KOEI Europe is thrilled to announce a cross over collaboration between critically acclaimed tactical action title, TOUKIDEN: THE AGE OF DEMONS, and fan favourite action adventure SOUL SACRIFICE.

Toukiden players will be able to test their skills in two new multiplayer missions featuring one of the most feared monsters in the Soul Sacrifice universe: the three-headed guardian Cerberus . These two missions, entitled “Hell’s Guard Dog” and “Dogs of War”, can be accessed via the Portal Stone and multiplayer lobbies. Due to their difficulty they are only recommended for slayer groups of some level and skill, with well upgraded equipment!

In addition players will be able to roam the battlefields dressed up in a new piece of armour as the Noble Raiment’s from Soul Sacrifice will be available via PSN on the 26th of March.

Both missions and the new armour will be offered free of charge via the PlayStation Network store.

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TOUKIDEN: THE AGE OF DEMONS casts players in the role of a Slayer: a skilled warrior charged with hunting monstrous Oni (demons) that threaten all of humanity. With a rich story exploring many eras of Japanese history, memorable characters, stunning visuals, complex combat system, and four-player support, TOUKIDEN: THE AGE OF DEMONS represents the most ambitious title to date from the team at Omega Force. TOUKIDEN: THE AGE OF DEMONS is set in a vibrant, fantasy infused representation of Japanese history spanning from the Asuka period to the final days of the Tokugawa shogunate. New Slayers will begin their journey on the frontlines of battle in the Utakata Village, build a party from a cast of memorable characters, and join the hunt for adventure with up to four friends via ad-hoc multiplayer.

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