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Rangers of Oblivion, New Behemoths, New Constructions And More

Rangers of Oblivion, the ultra-real team hunting game on GTarcade, consistently rolls out hot updates to keep things fresh for the players – no wonder it’s been officially recommended on the App StoreGoogle Play Store five times. ROO offers players a flawless behemoth hunting system, a huge range of in-game weapons and equipment, and rich gameplay. In the next couple of weeks’, players can expect a number of new updates – we’ve got a sneak peek below, nice!

— “The Cinderweb’s volcano is going to erupt! Use the cool down shell!”

New Behemoths: Cinderweb, Magma Devourer, Icespine Kang, Reaper Scorpid, and more!

Making a debut appearance in the Silver Keep expansion, Drauga is the first boss in Primal Invasion, and has been a popular hit with the rangers’. There’s now a brand new giant behemoth – Cinderweb – with even greater destructive power!

Besides those of the giant variety, there are some brand new normal behemoths to be found in Land Errant, too. By defeating the behemoths, rangers can get their hands on abundant materials and resources, through which they can forge more powerful weapons and equipment! A real highlight is “Blast Crystal” which Rangers can obtain by successfully hunting the Cinderweb. This valuable crystal offers a chance to increase the attributes for ancient engraving equipment, so experienced rangers will certainly be seizing every opportunity to get it!

— “The flower of Silver Keep is slowly blooming.”

  • Silver Keep Upgrades: New constructions and new cultivations

During the latest upgrade, most of the early constructions in Silver Keep will be eligible for upgrade to a higher level. What’s more, by finishing a side quest in Silver Keep, rangers will be given the opportunity to build new constructions. In Silver Keep Altar, rangers can unlock the Castor Candles prayer, which will increase the number of rare materials dropped during Primal Invasion. Silver Keep Stable increases the growth rate of horses, and helps increase the longevity of horses in the stables. Silver keep’s Gardening Union works according to your plan, helping you automatically purchase and plant seeds, water, disinfect and harvest crops. Of course, new constructions are not limited to those mentioned above – there will be plenty more exciting things waiting to be found.

Finally, ROO has also prepared a pretty cool in-game Halloween event. During the event – “The Terror of the Headless Horseman Approaches” – rangers can get the mysterious party invitation through daily hunts, with which you can then enter the lost woods and hunt the headless horseman! Needless to mention, you will get awesome time-limited rewards and new Halloween costumes by hunting the headless horseman. Not one to miss!