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Get Ready to Fly, OlaOla Is Available Now!

eFusion GmbH, a publisher of digital entertainment content for mobile platforms, has announced the release of their latest game, OlaOla for Android and iOS today.

OlaOla is a 2D arcade game where the player has to jump as high as possible, collecting power-ups and items. There are additional obstacles to prevent players from progressing too easily. In total, there are more than 200 different items and obstacles spread throughout the game. eFusion GmbH has disclosed that the iOS and Android versions share the same features and are principally identical.

The game includes various unlockable characters who all give the player a different kind of advantage, from better jumping abilities to special points multipliers.

Furthermore, players will have the opportunity to invite friends to the game, where they can work together as a clan, collecting more points and upgrading their items to the best level. The more members a clan has, the higher their point bonus is.
One of the standout features of OlaOla is the wing creation system. Players can create their own wings, which increase individual stats, such as jumping power, obstacle override and points multiplier. Created wings can be combined to make stronger and better upgrades.

The game is available in the Apple App Store and via GooglePlay.

eFusion GmbH will be releasing updates in the future, to keep players connected in the best way possible. For more information, visit www.efusionmobile.com.

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