Add a Dash of Love to the ‘Slide to Merge’ Mechanic in HELLO! LOVEBIRDS

OrangeSheep Games is pleased to announce that ‘Hello! Lovebirds’ is out on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Appstore.

What’s New?
Drawing its inspiration from the trending and addictive ‘Slide to Merge’ mechanic of ‘Threes!’, ‘Hello! Lovebirds’ turns the player into a matchmaker who has to pair colorful birds with complementary heart pieces to create whole hearts. Hearts can be merged to level up or strategically sacrificed to alter the heart pieces in the neighbourhood. The player’s goal is to create the highest level heart possible before the game board is filled. Part puzzle, part strategy, ‘Hello! Lovebirds’ is a breath of fresh air that redefines addictiveness and feel-good experience.

‘Hello! Lovebirds’ features 3 challenge modes and 16 unlockable achievements. The players can also pit themselves against each other on 11 online leaderboards.

Gameplay Video

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