Ready your Geiger counters – 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure (Video)

Prepare yourself for a blast! The highly addictive 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure from Robot Gentleman will be available from September 22nd on iPhone and iPad.

Sound the alarm! iOS users can finally test themselves in the enormously popular nuclear apocalypse simulator that has already won the hearts of critics and fans alike. The rules are simple: save Ted and his family in less than a minute, and then make sure they survive in a fallout shelter. That all comes with a healthy dose of black humor and a fresh take on the classic post-apocalyptic setting. The time for an Atomic Adventure is now!

It all began on May 25th, 2015 when 60 Seconds! launched on PC and was soon met with a warm reception from players around the world. Initially developed as a side project, the game naturally grew to become a unique combination of genres with a strong replayability factor. The game spawned thousands of let’s play videos and streams and continues to captivate the global gaming community.
Robot Gentleman have prepared a treat for all the players who can’t part with their favorite game and want to play 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure wherever and whenever they can!

The game arrives on iOS on September 22nd, but the clock is ticking! The launch price of $2.99 (25% off) ends on October 6th.


the suburban nightmare of a nuke dropping on your neighborhood in this dark atomic comedy set in the 1950s.
any supplies you will need in order to survive, and save family members in a 60-second rush through your procedurally generated house.
for the worst. Don’t just grab random items, plan your survival and follow helpful tips from the emergency broadcasts!
in a fallout shelter with whatever you bring with you. How many days will you last? Will everyone make it out alive?
what to do when the post-apocalyptic world pushes you into a corner. Will you risk going outside? Who won’t eat dinner when barely any food is left? How will you deal with a mutant cockroach infestation?

The game is available on the App Store from today. A 25% launch discount promo starts today and will last until October 6th. During that time, the game will be available for only $2.99.