Get ready for Wuppo’s launch on September 29th!

It is almost time for Wuppo’s launch, to begin the big adventure of our little Wum, who is trying to find a new home. But this Wum is no ordinary hero and only by using wit and charm can it succeed in this massive journey! Look forward to the Steam release on September 29th.

You might have met our little Wum already in the demo of Wuppo, which you can still play for free via Steam. But now it’s time to get ready for a much bigger adventure! Prepare to meet many interesting creatures, solve immersive puzzles and fight giant bosses on your quest to find a new home!

An ambitious & expansive 2D Platformer RPG that you have to try!
•Explore a wondrous world filled with Wums, Fnakkers and other strange creatures.
•Resolve an ancient conflict on your quest for a new home.
•Use items and social skills to overcome diverse challenges.
•Fight numerous enemies, ranging from small, to big, to MASSIVE!
•Collect filmstrips to discover the world’s detailed history.
•Enjoy an enchanting and memorable orchestrated soundtrack.