Rhythm RPG mashup, The Metronomicon, to release on 29th September (Video)

Kasedo Games and Puuba are delighted to announce that rhythm and RPG mashup, The Metronomicon, is to be released on 29th September for PC and Mac.

To celebrate the announcement, fans can now save 20% on the release price by pre-ordering The Metronomicon from Steam.

For a limited time only, pre-order The Metronomicon and receive the full game on day of release as well as the stunning digital artbook featuring concept art and illustrations from many of the games amazing locations, break-dancing heroes and body-popping villains.

Also included is the pre-order exclusive original score from the game, composed by J-Punch, containing all 13 of the instrumental tracks from behind the game.

The Metronomicon will be available on release on PC and Mac for £14.99, $19.99, €19.99.

In-game Soundtrack
Fans will also be excited to learn that the song list for The Metronomicon is now confirmed. Containing 50 songs, including 5 exclusive tracks, the soundtrack features a diverse list of artists with some of the hottest electronic, synthwave, chiptune and indie artists around.

As well as receiving the 20% pre-order discount, fans can also get the soundtrack by purchasing The Metronomicon Deluxe Edition which contains the full game, the digital artbook and soundtrack for an additional 10% saving.

The soundtrack will be available to purchase, if you already own the game, for £5.99, $7.99, €7.99.

The full list of the in-game soundtrack is below (* denotes an exclusive track):

Au5 – Follow You ft. Danyka Nadeau (VIP Mix)
Au5 – Inside ft. Danyka Nadeau (VIP Mix)
Benjamin Briggs – Methods
Christopher Hoag – Clocks And Highways
Christopher Hoag – Israel
Christopher Hoag – Mr. Mayhem
Craig Barnes & Kate Tucker – Our Own Way Home
Crushcraze – Bed Down with a Monster
Crushcraze – Strut Peacock
Demoscene Time Machine – Buccaneer
Dan Terminus – Avalanche
Dan Terminus – Heavy Artillery
DJ CUTMAN feat. Popcorn Kid – Samurai
DJ Sultan – Strike Me
Dreamachine – Escape Boss
Dreamachine – Swamp Dive
*Efe Tozan – 111
*Efe Tozan – Beyoglu Nights
Evan Gamble – The Last Stop for Us
GosT – Master
Hugh Holton – Keep Moving
Jamie Brennan – Back Home (Original Mix)
JERC & Rondevu – Do It Right (Original Mix)
*Jimmy Urine from Mindless Self Indulgence – Fighting with the Melody
J-Punch – Temple
J-Punch and Dave Moonshine – Almost Over
J-Punch and Dave Moonshine – Hollow Bodies
J-Punch and Dave Moonshine – Nilobytes
J-Punch and Shelley Harland – The Secret (Openair Remix)
Knight Heir – SAY MY NAME
Kubbi – Cascade
M. Pederson – Imago
Machinae Supremacy – Republic of Gamers
Maini Sorri – Lost Love
Mega Ran – Miss Communication
Perturbator – She is Young, She is Beautiful, She is Next
Phonetic Hero – Pubstep
Phunktastike – Citrik (XS Night Remix)
Rosie – For the Love of God
Rosie – Midnight
Rumspringa – Musical Chairs
Shinji Hosoe (SuperSweep) – Zombie Chase
*Shiny Toy Guns – Live It Up
Solila – Blazing (Original Mix)
Stemage – Fat Man in the Pool
Takahiro Eguchi (SuperSweep) – Redring
*Viking Guitar – Dropship
Viking Guitar – The Players’ Score
YACHT – I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler
Zenbi – Down (Original Mix)

About The Metronomicon
Packing in a fully-fledged story mode with a colourful cast of musically-empowered heroes and villains, The Metronomicon sees you take control a party of eight newly graduated masters of the “rhythmic combat arts” to wage musical warfare against a multitude of dance-mongering fiends. By switching between four concurrent hero-controlled tracks on-the-fly, you’ll select and activate a wide array of abilities and spells, buffs and nukes, with your performance and timing all-important in ensuring the effectiveness of your moves. In the RPG spirit, you’ll need to improve your characters’ stats, hunt down powerful equipment, and combine a multitude of newly-learned abilities – switching between tanking, healing, buffing, and damage-dealing classes as required in real time.
•Unique Rhythm RPG – slay fearsome beasts to an even fiercer beat.
•An epic quest – A wide range of characters, with locations ranging from a medieval party yacht to a rockstar-haunted castle – and many more!
•A soundtrack like no other – a powerful, ear-shattering mix of electronic and indie music featuring renowned artists such as Jimmy Urine of Mindless Self Indulgence.
•Progress – improve your characters’ stats, hunt down powerful equipment, and combine a multitude of newly-learned abilities – switching between tanking, healing, buffing, and damage-dealing classes.
· Replayability – freeplay mode, ranked side quests, and a devilish arena enable you to revisit the game’s awesome soundtrack at your own pace, with different gameplay options and character choices available.