Release of Xemo (Video)

Xemory Software announced the launch of their first game Xemo, a robot simulation game with educational value for PC or Mac.
Xemo is the world’s first direct interaction robot simulation game featuring walking, running and crawling robots. In a fully physics-simulation environment, players take control of motorized joints with 22 degrees of freedom and 10 pre-programmed motions. Players create different motions using a pattern generator and editor. Using these tools, the players lead their robot through a series of obstacle course challenges – either solo or one-to-one robot competitions. New level obstacle course challenges will be rolled out to advance players’ skills.
“We’re really excited to be releasing Xemo!,” said Jeff Sprenger, CEO of Xemory Software. “This game is an onramp to robotics for boys and girls. The simulation is a great introduction for students and tech professionals who want to work with robots and we’re excited to continue developing it and see where it goes.”

Created with support from the National Science Foundation (NSF), Xemo is about teaching problem solving through iteration, improvement, perseverance, and collaboration with others. Xemo starts with simple visual programming of motion and leads all the way up to direct coding of the robot. Xemo also introduces concepts in evolutionary algorithms to shape the structure of the neural network that controls complex motions like walking, running and jumping.
Xemo is available for purchase on Steam Early Access starting November 22, 2016