Remastered poker RPG hit Runespell Overture on iPad

Indie title combining Poker and RPG hits App Store for iPad

Runespell Overture will be available as of January 28th for the iPad on every App Store across the globe giving fans of the original Runespell Overture experience a remastered version next to opening the game to a new audience.

Co-Developed by Little Chicken and Mystic Box, Runespell Overture combines Poker and RPG with Nordic myths, Battle Hardened Heroes and Heroines and a pinch of alternate medieval Europe!

Player options range from building up a deck of Power Cards allowing for special attacks on top of the unique Mythic Poker battle system. The stunning 3D graphics and effects of the remastered version will stand out against any of the games available on the iPad today.
Runespell Overture is available on the App Store for iPad only and will be run alongside the Steam version.

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