Overture Press Release

From Black Shell Games, the creators of SanctuaryRPG…

Overture is a freshly released 16-bit action-roguelike. Drawing heavy inspiration from games such as Zelda, Diablo, and River City Ransom, you can collect loot, find companions to fight with, upgrade your characters, and so much more! Choose from 24 different classes and battle a staggering array of monsters and bosses!

· Retro 16-bit graphics
· Vast treacherous dungeons
· Intense nail-biting gameplay
· Classic action mechanics
· Twenty-four flavorful classes
· Weapons and armors to loot
· Immersive chiptune soundtrack

Link to download: http://blackshellgames.itch.io/overture
Link to trailer: http://youtu.be/k8p_do9YzqM
Link to chiptune soundtrack: https://rafaelsmith.bandcamp.com/album/overture-ost

Facebook: http://facebook.com/overturegame
Twitter: http://twitter.com/blackshellgames

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