Wizcraft Press Release

Become the greatest wizard

Com2us brings you to a world of magic and mayhem with Wizcraft!

Fire rains from the sky, bandits haunt the roads, monsters roam the forests, and the people call out for a wizard to save them. Become that wizard! Summon your heroes, build your town, and command your forces against the evil plaguing the land. The adventure of Wizcraft comes to smart phone and tablets.

With beautiful hand drawn art, the RPG action of Wizcraft comes alive. Building and up-keeping a town, to keep an influx of troops, gold, and other resources, while outfitting your army. It’s up to you to choose just the right hero, each of the races have their own skills, advantages and weaknesses. On top of that every hero can be evolved, up to five times, for even more power.

There’s a lot to do in Wizcraft. Such as crafting your own town. Choose between having more housing for troops, or more barracks to replace the fallen at a faster rate. Farms and mills produce resources, and arcane crystal towers give you the energy to do all the wizardy things you need to do. A well kept town makes for an unstoppable army, and how you build is up to you. Thanks to dozens upon dozens of building types, all with their own uses.

Not that the game is hard to play. The depth is undeniable, but it’s easy to jump into. A well crafted tutorial walks you through the basics of the game and rewards them with plenty of gold and gems, to start you off running. The tutorial is coupled with an engaging one player story, that promises hours of gameplay to complete.

Combat consists of strategic card battles that play out lightning fast. With five different classes, power ups, evolutions, and items, all of which can effect the outcome of each and every fight. Battles can be played out move for move for direct control, or set to automatic while the AI plays the battles out for the player in split second if they wish to remain focused on the bigger picture.

Wizcraft is also an epic RPG, everything makes your wizard stronger. Battles, building, farming, and more! The stronger your wizard is the more options he has on the battlefield. More choices in troops and buildings and summoning heroes. So, the more the game is played the more there is available to play with.

There’s more than just the basic single player game to explore. High level hero dungeons with epic rewards, event dungeons with rare evolution materials, and world wide PvP battles where you can face your forces against people from all over the globe and see how you match up. Gain fame points after each PvP battle that can be used in an exclusive shop.

This epic adventure is free to play, and there’s a lot of free here. Some high end items are available for purchase within the game, whole world of wizardry to explore without spending a single cent in the world of Wizcraft.

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