Block Legend DX Press Release

Dot Warrior Games is small indie team living in Tokyo, Japan. Comprised of an American programmer and Japanese artists who share a love of retro video games and chiptunes.



Release: Q1 2015

Block Legend DX:

Block Legend DX is a retro puzzle JRPG. Travel through different regions as a wide cast of characters, fighting monsters, visiting towns, and completing quests. The DX version introduces improved and additional features and soundtracks!


• Addicting puzzle tile-breaking gameplay.

• Huge selection of heroes to choose from.

• Tons of monsters to fight.

• Take down powerful bosses.

• Visit multiple regions.

• Over 100 quests to complete.

• Unique adventures every play through.

• Controller and multiple aspect ratio support!

• Brand new Steam Achievements!

• All new modes to explore!

• Brand new music and collection!

• And many other surprises! (it wouldn’t be fun if we spoiled EVERYTHING now would it?)


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