Resolution Games: Cupix Release

Who we are
I’d first like to introduce ourselves, we are Resolution Games, a two man team who make mobile games. We started making mobile games with the express intention of creating content our friends and family can enjoy and which would also indulge our love for game creation.

We enjoyed the creative process so much that we started working on a second game and I am writing to you today to notify you that we released it on the google play store this morning.

The game is called Cupix and it challenges the player to use their reflexes to rotate falling cubes to match the target colour. It offers players two fun and exciting game modes to choose from:

Puzzle Mode
Puzzle Mode has over 50 picture puzzles of varying sizes and complexity in which players must rotate the falling cubes in order to match the target squares colour.
Doing so successfully builds up a picture which is revealed once the puzzle is completed.
Each puzzle has a Gold, Silver and Bronze time associated with it. The goal is to get as many Gold medals as possible. Matching the colour incorrectly adds time to the game counter meaning the Gold medal gets further out of reach!

Endless Mode
In Endless Mode the goal is to rotate and match the falling cubes as quickly as possible to build the highest score before time runs out.

Each correct match rewards the player with a points combo and increases the remaining game time. However, for each correct cube placed the fall rate will increase!

Build a chain of correct colour matches to add large bonuses to the score.
Incorrectly placing a cube removes time from the game timer and breaks the combo.

The faster the player is the faster the game gets. Survive as long as you can to beat your high score!

Cupix Video Link

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