Retro Wings On AndroidTM Is The Latest Installment In Great Series Of Compelling Retro-Inspired Mobile Games

Games developer 8-Bit Gamestudio, a division of arkavis is proud to announce the worldwide release and availability of a much improved version of their retro-inspired side scrolling pixel-art classic, Retro Wings! Published and produced by the team of the 8-Bit Gamestudio, Retro Wings is available as a FREE download offering in-app purchases and upgrades.

Retro Wings is the third installment in a series of incredibly addictive and highly challenging pixel-art produced titles. Other games in the same series include Retry Run and Retry Bird. The objective of Retro Wings is to maneuver your plane through challenging worlds with increasingly hard levels, without crashing into the environment or one of the games many obstacles. The updated version includes an astonishing 8 immersive worlds to traverse, and more than 50 exciting achievements to collect. Coins are an important part of the game, and the more you collect the better, as they are used not only to unlock worlds, but also to buy other cool planes, and to resurrect for extended play. Packs of coins are available in the games built-in store.

Retro Wings is not only cool, it is also insanely hard… Dodge obstacles and show off your skills by flying loops or by performing breathtaking stunts. 15 different planes, each having a unique design, and pilots based on famous characters, are the options players can choose from. Sharing High scores and competing with Facebook friends are more additional features Retro Wings has to offer.

Check out this cool YouTube™ gameplay trailer:

Retro Wings is available for download from here:

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