Former Rovio Team, Epic Owl, Announce ‘Starside Arena’, a Strategic Multiplayer Space Battler Hitting the App Store Worldwide on November 10th

Epic Owl Ltd, a Finnish game studio formed by a team of former Rovio colleagues in December 2014, today announced their debut title, Starside Arena, will be available worldwide on November 10th for iOS devices, with the Android version following later in November. Set in the year “4000-something”, Starside Arena hands players the tools to design and build a spacecraft that will dominate arena battle in a dynamically changing, futuristic game world. With over 50 technologies to research and 37 unique ship models to choose from, Starside Arena offers players extraordinary design possibilities with a limitless range of creative options to make the ultimate ship. For more information about Starside Arena, visit:

Starside Arena
Starside Arena – Design spaceships and battle in futuristic space gladiator fights for fortune and glory!


“We are thrilled to introduce Starside Arena to core fans of the space battle and builder genre. During soft launch the game showed an extraordinary retention with players coming back again and again,” Juha Vainio, CEO of Epic Owl comments. Risto Holmström, CCO, continues: “It has been exciting to witness the players’ creativity in their unique ship designs, and we look forward to seeing how many more thousands of designs emerge when we launch the game worldwide.”

In Starside Arena, smaller ships can fit a handful of modules while the largest can hold hundreds; the number of possible design combinations is astronomical. Each ship’s performance depends on multiple factors, including engine power, defenses, countermeasures, weapon systems, power generation and even mass. Additionally, with two separate combat modes, the player’s success in battle will depend on either the ingenuity of the design or the composition of the fleet.

The world of Starside Arena is populated by player-made ships. This result is a constantly evolving metagame where weak designs fall into obscurity and the best ones rise to dominance until they are overthrown by players discovering their counter designs.

Starside Arena is a free-to-download title with in-app purchases that will launch on the iPhone and iPad through the App Store globally on November 10, 2015, with the Android version following later in November.

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