“Santa’s Present Run,” just in time for the holidays

Cloudy Heaven Games is pleased to announce its debut game, “Santa’s Present Run,” just in time for the holidays. Available for Android and PC, the casual action game lets players control Santa’s Sleigh, dropping gifts with patterned wrapping paper to houses of the matching pattern, while avoiding sneaky obstacles that are out to steal gifts. On each level, players must correctly deliver a set number of gifts before running out of presents. Luckily, there are also bonus items to catch that will help Santa to complete his mission.

The gameplay is simple and suitable for players of all ages. Younger players can enjoy the festive graphics and pattern-matching, while older players will appreciate the difficulty progression that keeps the action challenging, frantic, and fun even after Christmas.

“Santa’s Present Run” features jazzy arrangements of three favorite Christmas tunes, as well as original compositions to get players in the holiday spirit.
Three difficulty levels and thirty unlockable levels allows players to enjoy the game at their own pace.

The game is also designed to allow color-blind players to enjoy as well. Gifts and houses are matched by holiday patterns and symbols (stars, candies, and snowflakes), so while colors contributes to the game’s holiday appeal, the game is still fun and playable for a larger audience.

View the trailer at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lm8lWPQESbQ.

Platform/File Info:
•Available for Android (14.0 MB) and Windows PC (6.5 MB)
•Requires Android 2.3 and up or Windows XP/Vista/7 (untested on Windows 8)

Pricing and Availability:
•Available for $1.99 USD (or equivalent ammount in other currencies)

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