Strategy publisher Iceberg Interactive and award-winning developer Amplitude Studios revealed today a treasure chest of new, free add-on content for this year’s widely acclaimed Endless Legend and its award-winning predecessor Endless Space, while simultaneously announcing massively discounted prices for the Amplitude Endless Pack. Free add-on “Visions of the Unseen” gives 4X fantasy-strategy game Endless Legend a new minor faction (the community-chosen “Eyeless One”), 10 new side-quests, plus more than 10 significant enhancements, adjustments and improvements, while its predecessor Endless Space Disharmony’s replay value grows yet again with “Chronicles of the Lost,” featuring eight new Exploration Random Events, 24 Colonization Random Events, The Vaulters introduction and tons more.

To top it off, only during the Steam Autumn sale, Iceberg Interactive and Amplitude Studios offer gamers the Amplitude Endless Pack, a three-game pack featuring discounted prices for the Emperor Edition of Endless Legend (-33%), the Emperor Pack for Endless Space and Endless Space Disharmony (-66%), and the Dungeon of the Endless Crystal Pack (-33%), plus a 33% discount on top.

Endless Legend gets free new add-on pack Visions of the Unseen
The Endless Legend Free Add-On “Visions of the Unseen” includes:
•Minor Faction: Eyeless One (chosen by the community via a G2G vote)
•The Vaulters Main Menu Scene
•10 New Side Quests
•Visual Enhancement of Quest Weapons and Minor Villages
•Faction based Diplomatic Answers
•Advanced World Generation options
•Better AI for Empire Plan, Retrofit and Military Assets
•New Marketplace rules (stock management)
•Better balancing between Auto and Manual Battles
•General balancing of Unit Stats, Unit Abilities and City Improvements.
•Battle UI improvements
•Add more data to the save files
Endless Space gets free new add-on pack Chronicles of the Lost
The Endless Space Disharmony Free Add-On “Chronicles of the Lost” includes:
•8 Exploration Random Events
•24 Colonization Random Events
•The Vaulters introduction video
•20 Hero Illustrations
•Global AI Governor
•Ability to mod in-game graphics such as loading screens
•Construction Queue improvement
•Military AI upgrade (Retreat issue / End game ship spamming)
•The AI can now start the game with a custom faction
•The German translation has been upgraded (Thanks to Timo)
Currently sitting at a Metacritic score of 81, Endless Legend is a rich 4X fantasy strategy game offering both a single and multiplayer experience for 1-8 playersincluding eight fantastic, unconventional factions, 16 minor factions, the ability to research 100 technologies across four eras, earn eight potential win scenarios, experience terrain based battle, a spectacularly enormous map, trade routes, negotiations, and much more. Endless Space is Amplitude’s award-winning 4X space strategy game, and Dungeon of the Endless is the team’s genre-fused rogue-like, dungeon-defense game.

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