Xona Games has teamed up with indie publishing label Reverb Triple XP for the upcoming release of Score Rush Extended, a classically-styled shoot ’em up for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system. Score Rush Extended builds upon the original Score Rush (a #1 hit in Japan) – challenging players to use formidable weaponry to battle near-endless waves of enemies in both solo and cooperative modes (up to four players) in “bullet hell” styled gameplay. The battles never slow down and players won’t get even a second to catch their breath from the insane action and vibrant visuals. Score Rush Extended is set for a May 31 release on PlayStation 4.

Please call a doctor if you end up playing Score Rush Extended over 4 hours or longer.

Score Rush Extended is the newest entry in Xona Games’ Score Rush series of fast-paced shooters. The original console version of Score Rush hit #1 on the Xbox Live Marketplace in Japan, and has been a favorite of fans of the shmup genre since its original release. Score Rush Extended challenges players to battle a near-endless onslaught of enemies, using a mind-melting mix of fantastic firepower and skillful evasive maneuvering to blast and blow up anyone who gets in their way. Elite players can even try DUAL PLAY, controlling two fighters at once. Featuring a hard-driving musical score by Dragon Music, Score Rush Extended is a feast for the eyes and ears.