Scribble Racer 2 launches next week (July 5, 2017) on Android

Scribble Racer 2 – a colorful indie game launches next week (July 5) on Android.

In Scribble Racer 2, players aim to stay within a scrolling track in order to make it to the top of the high score lists. Once getting through deadly lasers and wild sandstorms the artistic part of the game comes next.

Scribble Racer 2 is not only a fast-paced 2D top-down scrolling game but also a colorful drawing game with lovely doodle art. Unlockable tracks transform into drawings. Creative players can choose a pencil and pick some colors to turn the drawings into personal pieces of art. They finally get placed as decorative parts on the tracks.

“I decided to create Scribble Racer 2 to bring its previous version – which was perceived as one of the best games utilizing Samsung Galaxy Note’s S Pen – to the next level.” says Wolfgang Knecht. “It’s not only about skills and high scores anymore, with lots of unlockable content it’s also a great drawing game for creative minds.” he concludes.

Key Features

•    3 different themes
o    Garden
o    Laboratory
o    Desert

•    More than 40 unlockable drawings to express creativity
•    Challenging quests and achievements
•    Upgradeable gadgets and abilities:
o    Increase Coin Values
o    Golden Pineapple
o    Magnet
o    Go Offroad
o    Star Shield
o    Reduce Save Me costs
o    Reduce Head Start costs
o    Increase gems rewards

•    Free gifts
•    Online leaderboards
•    Cloud save

Scribble Racer 2 will be available for free.