Today, Ubisoft announces that Shape Up®, the original fitness game developed by Ubisoft Montreal, will be available on Xbox One games and entertainment system from Microsoft in the UK tomorrow, November 14.

Developed using a unique arcade art style, Shape Up invites players to ditch their boring workout in favour of wacky fitness challenges that take the chore out of working out. Each of the three game modes – Quick Play, Training Quest and Online Match – present quirky, points-driven fitness challenges designed to keep players entertained and stimulated throughout their workout. Shape Up also provides a complete fitness solution for those looking to stay connected to their fitness goals even while on the go.

Shape Up combines a foundation of established fitness methods with entertaining and rewarding workout routines to prove that having fun while you work out will lead to better results in the end. A recent study done by Université du Québec à Montréal tested the effectiveness of the Shape Up Training Quest program when compared to workouts done without the game.* The study concluded that working out with Shape Up is 25% MORE EFFECTIVE THAN TRADITIONAL WORKOUTS.

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