Matt Cox (Scribblenauts, Destroy All Humans) brings ShapeRockets, a truly original arcade first-person shooter experience, to Steam on October 28. This is the first release for Cox’s new independent studio Echohead Games.

“If Geometry Wars and Descent had an FPS child, ShapeRockets would be it,” says Cox. “It’s simple and fast to play, but also fairly cerebral, needing to remember the rules of rock, paper, scissors in a twitchy FPS.”

ShapeRockets invites players to choose rock, paper, or scissors shape as their character. The simple objective is to destroy your shape’s prey with the single rocket weapon or escape from the predator shape and its rockets! (Rock beats scissors. Scissors beats paper. Paper beats rock.)

Players can float in all directions in minimalist arenas. After a recharge, players can change shape on the fly. ShapeRockets packs in action that’s simple, but not simplistic with constant standoff moments of rock, paper, scissors. Players can compete online with up to seven other people. A simple lobby system makes finding a game fast and hosting a game easy. 

ShapeRockets will release on Steam for $7.99 in its first week. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions will follow at a to-be-announced time.Steam on October 2