Short version: Swedish developer Coffee Stain Studios ports Super Sanctum TD from PC to iPad!

you no longer have to blow off family dinners because you’re busy playing Super Sanctum TD, you can now just get it on the App Store and play it on your iPad and bring it to whatever boring part of your life you want, which is probably a lot. Hell, you might even want to buy an extra iPad just so you can wear it around your neck with the starting screen of Super Sanctum TD always up.

The leading principles of Super Sanctum TD are strategy and skill – this isn’t a game for casuals, Super Sanctum TD is a premium mobile game for the experienced gaming crowd.

In Super Sanctum TD, you build mazes of walls topped off with towers to destroy enemies before they reach the Core. However, you don’t just watch the towers do all the work, you use active abilities such as Air Strike and Freeze to stun, snare and destroy your enemies yourself!

Another important part of Super Sanctum TD is in its customization – Each level you complete will reward you Perk Points which you can use to specialize your towers and abilities to make them even more powerful.

Super Sanctum TD will be available on the App Store on January 16.

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