Sim Betting Football released for Android (Video)

independent game developer Vindicta Games is proud to announce the Android release of its first game: Sim Betting Football, the only football betting simulation game. The game is now available to download for free on the Google Play Store.

Sim Betting Football is an unique and innovative mobile game which offers gamers a new perspective on football simulation games and brings virtual gambling to the gaming world in a funny and safe way.

At first glance Sim Betting Football might look like a classic football management game. There are tens of leagues, hundreds of clubs and thousands of players, each of them with their own detailed attributes and statistics. A whole virtual football world is procedurally generated and simulated on gamers’ devices and the game provides plenty of data and statistics to follow and to analyse it.
However in Sim Betting Football gamers are not playing as a football manager running a club, but they are betting virtual money on simulated football matches.
For each match there are several types of markets to bet on. For example the basic 1-X-2 result, bets based on number of goals (over/under, clean sheet, etc..) and other events which are part of any football match (cards, corners, etc…).
Progressing with the game allows gamers to use winnings to unlock more betting markets and leagues to bet on, but also to unlock achievements and to enter online leaderboards to compare their performances against other gamers from all over the world.