Single player cooperation Game Project Temporality launches Spanish verision.

Swedish indie game developer, Defrost Games, is proud to announce the Spanish release of their first game on Steam, Project Temporality the time based puzzler.

“We are very happy to be able to release the Spanish version today. Now we can let even more people experience the joy of playing around with all four dimensions and change the way they think about time.” Says Niklas Hansson, Defrost Games Founder.

Project Temporality, a third person action/puzzle game was built to give you full freedom of the fourth dimension. Move backwards and forwards in time seamlessly using our propriety engine Sparta 3D. Imagine time being controlled with a remote controller like an old VCR.

We also add the concepts of timelines, allowing you parallel existences. Any time you need a friends helping hand, you can be that friend. Time is not an arrow, it’s a branching tree. Using these concepts you will be forced to solve mind-twisting puzzles.

So rewind time, split it into parallel lanes and become your own ally!
About Defrost Games

Defrost Games ( was founded in 2010 by a former Software development manager of Massive Entertainment. Our mission statement is ”Making you think” which means we want our games to affect you forcing you to think about the game and the world around you leaving you not only entertained but enriched.

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