Take To The Skies In Rescue Missions Of Wounded Soldiers In ‘Dustoff Vietnam’ On iOS® & AndroidTM

Independent games developer and publisher Invictus Games is proud to announce the worldwide release and availability of their ambitious and ultra-awesome blocky action game – Dustoff Vietnam – now available for download via the iOS® and Google Play™ digital app stores.

During the Vietnam War an emergency or casualty evacuation was known as a “Dust Off”, and it was an all too familiar call for aid when it was needed the most. Dustoff Vietnam challenges you to take off in your rescue chopper to search for, and rescue, wounded soldiers in desperate need of help. The destiny and survival of your comrades is in your control, and pay careful attention to the environment, as enemy soldiers are on watch just waiting for an opportunity to take you down. Your missions also include recovery of stolen cargo, equipment and vehicles that need transport back to your nearest base, and watch out for the enemy tanks on the prowl. Hostages being held in POW camps are desperately awaiting your arrival, and only the bravest and courageous of pilots will prevail.

Dustoff Vietnam is undeniably a fantastic action-packed mobile game. With its compelling gameplay and 16 action-packed missions to play, the game is loaded with content: cargo transportation, Search & Rescue and enemy convoy interceptions are just the beginnings! Just be careful not to get lost in the jungle, swamp, hidden caves or in the mines! Featuring 3 unique helicopters to play, each with distinct handling, and a multitude of weapons with different capabilities, Dustoff Vietnam is an addictive and mind-blowing gameplay experience.

Dustoff Vietnam can be enjoyed by gamers of all ages and experience levels as no actual killing of enemy soldiers take place.

Check out this cool release trailer:
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