Soccer Hit: The Soccer Experience (Video)

Digital Melody – the company behind such mobile hits as Timberman (35 million downloads) and Surfingers (3 million downloads) – does not slow down and this time has surprised us with an innovative approach to a seemingly trite topic… soccer!

Soccer Hit is a dynamic mobile sports game with intuitive one-button control. While attacking, players will have to focus on precise passes and powerful kicks that will startle the goalkeeper. While defending, they will have to be fast enough to intercept the ball from the opponent and avoid a counter-attack. Soccer Hit is above all meant to bring joy to players, enhance the soccer experience, and enable players to carry out phenomenal moves that they will want to share with their friends and the whole community.

“ The main goal of Soccer Hit was to provide an innovative approach to soccer for mobile devices. We didn ’ t want to copy other games or turn to joystick control, which is used in most rival companies ’ games. Our intention was to create the best soccer game for mobile devices, a game that makes full use of their characteristics. I ’ m convinced that we ’ ve managed to achieve that. ” – Piotr Stalewski, Game Developer

In the game you can play with one of over 200 national teams. You will see soccer kits that match those of national teams and play matches at one of a dozen stadiums, all while being surprised by varied weather conditions such as downpours or blizzards. Some other great features include various gameplay modes (quick match, career mode, or championships). The players will also be able to win a dozen cups, and their desire to play will be increased by the ability to unlock soccer ball cards and additional kits.

” The visual style was meant to bring to mind foosball and button soccer. It was supposed to be simple, but fresh. And it had to fit 22 players on one phone screen. ” – Grzegorz Czesław Pamuła, Graphic Designer

The game is being released in a very hot period for soccer fans: during Euro 2016 and Copa América. In the nearest future, it will also be available on Apple TV and it is going to be enhanced with challenge modes, as well as a Multiplayer Online version. Updates and expansions have been planned for the rest of the year.

“ The most important things in soccer are the emotions and fun. We wanted you to remember the moment you score a goal for a very long time. Simple gameplay and a lot of teams is our idea for a soccer hit. ” – Paweł Jędrysiak, Project Manager

The game will be available from 22 June 2016 for the following platforms:
tvOS – soon / FREE
Android – FREE

Game features:
– Over 200 national teams
– 3 gameplay modes (championships, career mode, and friendly games)
– 12 cups to win
– Various pitches and weather conditions
– No offsides or red cards
– Penalty kicks
– Replay sharing