“Soccer Monkey” – Simian soccer fun aims to eliminate the boredom between matches this World Cup.

SockMonkey Studios Ltd announces its newest game “Soccer Monkey”, a free soccer arcade title available on iOS and Android.

Using your silky skills, help the Soccer Monkey escape the rainforest and score his way to Monkey World Cup glory!

“Soccer Monkey” is a high score based soccer action game. Players must control the monkey and using their head; juggle the balls towards the goal and score with a diving header or the acrobatic bicycle kick. There are 32 shirts to unlock in the game, one for every team in the 2014 World Cup and 4 different backgrounds. Gameplay is fast and frantic, the art is cartoony and colourful and the monkey is as cute as a button. Do you have enough speed and accuracy to unlock ‘goldenballs’? Do you have the skills and patience of a World Cup winner to unlock all 32 shirts and lift the Monkey World Cup?

Bob Makin, MD of SockMonkey Studios Ltd said; “We wanted to make a sporty action game that was easy enough to pick up and play, but difficult enough to master. It’s a great game to pass the time in between the matches and even to get in a few rounds in between half time. We’re all very excited about the sport this summer and hopefully “Soccer Monkey” will play a big part too!”

“Soccer Monkey” is available to download for free on all Android and iOS mobile and tablet devices via the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

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