Sol Invictus -Sequel to gamebook Heavy Metal Thunder available on January 8th.

Sol Invictus is the sequel to the award-winner gamebook “Heavy Metal Thunder” from science fiction writer Kyle B. Stiff.

In Sol Invictus, you and your teammates fight the first battles in outer space that will either save humanity from invading aliens or seal their fate for all time.

YOU control the story as the grand saga of Cromulus and his war continues.

For three years the soldiers of the Black Lance Legion have watched as the Invaders turned their solar system into a hellish, desolate wasteland. Humanity’s most advanced fighting force lurked in the shadows, doing little while their species was forced to choose between eternal enslavement… or extinction.
The wait ends when Admiral Franks, the legendary Storm Lord at the head of the Legion, announces a system-wide uprising against humanity’s oppressors. Cromulus and his team of human fanatics find themselves on the front lines, doing whatever it takes to crush the will of the Invaders.

In Sol Invictus, Cromulus finds out that not all humans are willing to take the kinds of risks that he takes. And while he has less than zero tolerance for pacifism, what the Legion does with its softer recruits may be too much even for him…

The second part of Kyle B. Stiff’s legendary adventure gamebook series has been brought to life as never before in this official Sol Invictus game. Get ready for the ride of your life as you become the hero of your very own story.

•A powerful, yet accessible sci-fi plot, packed with diverse characters
•Multiple save slots: Play in up to three stories at once
•Rich, branching narrative
•Brand new artwork from renowned illustrator Marc Gonzalez
•Full soundtrack with sound effects and a vibrant atmosphere
•The continuation of an epic series

Get ready to bring on the thunder!

Written by celebrated sci-fi author Kyle B. Stiff, Heavy Metal Thunder Series places its readers at the core of an interstellar struggle against alien invaders, requiring immensely difficult and exciting choices to be made as the narrative grows, expands and twists.

What Makes it Fun?
Choosing the skills to customize your character.
Managing the inventory and weapons wisely is an exciting challenge as well. The powerful, yet accessible sci-fi plot, packed with diverse characters.
The possibility to use the social sharing features.
The possibility to play in up to three stories at once.
The accompanying soundscapes that bring a great reading experience. Explosive action art, colorful and eye-catching
An easy and quick dice-combat system.

For Gamers That…
· Like sci-fi or role-playing games
· Want to explore new levels of immersive storytelling · Enjoy explosive action art, colorful and eye-catching

Not For Gamers That…
· Aren’t curious about new interactive fiction
· Can’t stand deathly sci-fi situations and frightening moments of desperation
· Don’t wish to spend time fighting back against the technologically advanced and hyper-militaristic alien race that just wiped out the majority of humanity…


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