Ghost Ring – The Soul Labyrinth

Keitaro3660 has announced its first game, “Ghost Ring – The Labyrint of Soul,” for Android Platform.

Ghost Ring – The Soul Labyrinth is a 2D Platformer Game that has immersive story, voice actor, and awesome art. You act as Rai, a magical flying fox that have the power of thunder and the power to go to people’s unconcious world. With his partner, Eva, Rai join to a journey to collect Ghost/Negative Energy for Eva’s Ghost Ring power (and his own). Now they must save a girl named Rinne from deep depression by going through her puzzling mind and negative soul.

In this game, you won’t die because your adventure isn’t really in your physical world. But like diving in the water, there’s a time limit. This game also combine unique elements, like magic attack, Homing Boost, wall climbing, Platformer + Bullet Hell/Danmaku boss, and in the future, there’ll be flying and Limit Break feature update.

There’s also Google Play Leaderboard, and the next update will have Achievement, Quest, and many mini games that you can unlock and play by collecting secret watermellons.

You can use your Homing Boost/Dash Attack to kill the enemies or to save you from the trouble. Rai also has Thunder Magic that has a really high and versatile damage compared to his Homing Boost Attack.

Lightning Bolt, a long range projectile attack that summon a lightning bolt in front of him. Have 1 damage.

Thunder Storm, a giant Thunder Spark that will stay for 3 seconds. Really awesome for AOE and trapping enemies. Have 5 damage.

Thunder Blast, a giant Thunder will desced from the sky to enemy that previously locked. By default, Thunder Blast is too expensive for MP and its few time limit. But when you upgrade the range and the time limit. the power of this 10 damage AOE magic attack is the strongest.

This game is released in Android.

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