Sky Patrol – Launching on the App Store in 2015!

Beartrap Games are delighted to end a great 2014 by announcing that Sky Patrol will be landing onto the App Store next week.

Promising a thrilling arcade challenge, this explosive strategic shooter will be available to download on the 8th January 2015!

Already internationally acclaimed and three-times award nominated, Sky Patrol is on a mission to bring true arcade gaming back! Following great support and interest at the Tokyo Game Show and the amazing feedback received from the Windows Phone release, Beartrap Games are unleashing a unique and yet nostalgic classic title to the App Store.

In this premium mobile combat challenge, the player’s task is to oversee and protect their allied convoy on perilous journeys through enemy territory. As the convoy advances, the enemy will attack in force. It will be up to the player to defend and protect their charges as they strive to complete their vital mission objective.

With 50 non-stop action packed levels, epic boss battles and over 6 hours of exhilarating gameplay, the studio warns that ‘survival won’t be easy’. Don’t panic though, the players are equipped with a multitude of weapon types to choose from – each more powerful and destructive than the last!

Fin McGechie, Creative Director at Beartrap Games, commented “In Sky Patrol we set out to create a high quality arcade mobile game which showcases the quality behind our studio! We wanted to give players a real gaming challenge that will keep them going back for more!”

Fin added “This is the first title in a planned series of Patrol games…having already received amazing feedback, we are excited to see our creation explode onto the App Store“.

Look out for Sky Patrol on the App Store next week!

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