Award-Winning Mia the Mouse is Now on iOS and Android Tablets

Your child just received a tablet for the holidays. Lucky for you, Mia, the beloved mouse and star of the award-winning edutainment software series, is now on mobile. Kutoka Interactive today announced the release of Mia – The Happy Helper!, their new app available for iPad and Android tablets.

Targeted at four to six year olds, and developed by experts in education and in multimedia, the free app allows children to practice various skills that are useful in the classroom by combining an exciting adventure with engaging educational activities that are in sync with the preschool to first grade school curriculum.

In the app, children are invited to come on an adventure to help Mia complete a series of errands. The road is filled with exciting challenges and an array of educational activities that must be successfully accomplished in order to complete the mission. The activities are entertaining and diversified with two levels of difficulty: finding something that doesn’t belong, counting, reproducing a melody on a small piano, finding hidden objects in a scene, and more!

Commenting on the launch, CEO and Creative Director of Kutoka Interactive, Richard Vincent said: “More and more grade school aged children have a growing attachment to mobile devices. We wanted to bring our content to where kids are playing, on their tablets. Our new Mia – The Happy Helper! app is an entertaining and educational experience where children don’t even realize they are learning because they are having such a great time playing.”

Mia – The Happy Helper! also includes a $2.99 In-App purchase that adds twice the content to the free app. It features more groups of questions, five additional scenes, a phonics activity, an activity to help children understand how to decode symbols, and three fun counting activities.

Players do not need to make an In-App purchase in order to see the end of the game and complete their adventure with Mia. “We decided to put our additional content in the middle of the game so all of our players have a great experience with either version of our Mia app,“ added Vincent.

Kutoka’s Mia started as a series of edutainment software on CD-ROM in 1998. The popular line of fun and educational software for children has been distributed in around 45 countries, 14 different languages and has received more than 100 awards. In January 2015, Mia will debut as the star of her very own French TV series in Canada (Radio-Canada) and in France (Ti-Ji) making 2015 a big year for Mia!

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