Railcart RACE On iOS®, AndroidTM & Windows PhoneTM Challenges You To Guide Your Cart Through Dangerous And Treacherous Mines!

Independent games developer and publisher exosyphen studios is proud to announce the worldwide release and availability of their newest game, Railcart RACE, now available as a FREE download utilizing in-app upgrades on iOS®, Android™ and Windows Phone™.

Railcart RACE offers fast-paced arcade action and addictive gameplay, and challenges you to successfully navigate a series of treacherous mines. Climb into your cart, hold on, and race the rails in this awesome game of skill and reactions. The objective is to guide your cart successfully through never-ending tracks, while collecting gold, gems and other power-ups. Avoid the deadly pits, the sudden obstacles that seem to appear out of nowhere, and at all costs don’t get on a track leading to a dead end! Dynamite can be used to blow up blocked paths, and track pieces can be used to repair broken tracks. A really cool magnet feature allows the collection of additional gold as you speed down the tracks. Race through the Canyon, Jungle and the deep, dark and dangerous mines. How high of a score can you achieve?

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