‘Mobbles’ On iOS® & AndroidTM Challenges You To Collect Virtual Living Creatures From Real World Locations

Independent games developer ‘Mobbles Corp’ is proud to announce the release of a major update to their incredibly cute and highly unique ‘Mobbles’ mobile game, in which players are challenged to discover, catch, collect and care for, virtual creatures or monsters! Available as a FREE download from the iOS® and Google Play™ app store utilizing in-app upgrades and enhancements, the new update includes several major improvements to an already awesome gameplay experience.

‘Mobbles’ are cute little colorful creatures with charming personalities hiding all over the world, and it is your task to locate and collect them all by scanning your local neighborhood for the nearest ones. With more than 100 creatures to collect, your GPS-based radar will quickly light up, and while some are easier to locate and catch than others, some can be very tricky as they only show themselves in certain parts of the world! Once caught they become yours to adopt, and creatures can be traded with other players, similar to a collectible trading card game. But catching creatures and adopting them is only part of the fun! Creatures must be fed, cared for, cleaned and even entertained by tickling them or by playing with them, ultimately creating a bond as creatures grow affectionate towards you! Happy creatures are satisfied creatures, and in the game’s virtual shop you can upgrade to more than 200+ gorgeous rooms and cool looking outfits, adding to the play experience.

As something truly unique, your ‘Mobbles’ can battle against your friends’ in real-time with the latest version. The better you care for your creatures, the higher they ‘level up’, and the stronger they become in battle. Take on your friends and prove your worth!

With its cute and color graphics, addictive gameplay, and an almost endless amount of creatures to collect, ‘Mobbles’ is a refreshing game with innovative features to explore.

With over +50k active users and +10k fans, the game is organically developing a thriving community of players that is very active with fan forums, websites, and other cool initiatives, and the developer is constantly expanding the game by adding additional features and upgrades on a regular basis. As an example, new creatures are made available every week, and just when you think you collected them all, new ones are available to discover!

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