Bring Down Your Iron Fist on City After City Across Japan Until The Land Is Yours

Today saw the introduction of the all-new solo Campaign Mode to NAMCO BANDAI Games’ revolutionary free-to-play card battler TEKKEN CARD TOURNAMENT. In the new mode, players can lay down the law of their Iron Fist on a punishing journey across 50 Japanese cities, with more countries to come in later updates.

The conquest of each city relies not only on victory in battle, but also meeting the specific conditions, such as using a certain combination of moves for example. Over the coming months, additional countries will be added to the Campaign Mode ensuring players have no shortage of lands to reign over as they beat down opponent after opponent in the quest for glory.

Available in 11 languages, TEKKEN CARD TOURNAMENT lets players customize their deck, create new cards, train, then chain Focus, Strike and Block moves to take down opponents worldwide with blistering KO combos. Offering explosive PvP online play across devices, the visually stunning turn-based battler is available now as a free downloadable app or for instant browser play.

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