SpellStack: Break Words, Challenge friends, All in your pocket

We could tell you that SpellStack is an intriguing combination of Connect 4 and Scrabble. I could tell you that it lets you play your friends online across Facebook and Twitter, and even iOS and Android. we could even tell you that we come with several levels of AI for you the play against.

But what you really want to do is shatter your friends words. Make sure that their use of “epicaricacy” falls before their eyes. You want to use their own letters against them to show them it’s not just what you spell but how you spell it. You can pick it up on the Google Play App Store and the iOS App Store right now and give it a try for free.

The second game of Ananse Productions, SpellStack builds on our tact for making games that really make you think. Kwasi Mensah, lead developer and programmer has worked on games as varied as Green Day: Rock Band, Borderlands and Mass Effect: Pinnacle Station. Dawn-Marie Dunn, our Audio guru, has been involved in gaming for more than ten years and music for more than twenty composing original audio for Flash projects and sound effects for websites. Xue Ao Zhang, our artist and graphic designer made a name for herself doing the UI design for another Boston indie game Codename Cygnus.

SpellStack Highlights:
•Challenge your friends online
•Easily connect with Facebook and Twitter
•6+ AIs to train against
•Puzzle mode for when you’re really looking to exercise your mind
•Fully integrated with VoiceOver and Talkback

Device Requirements:
•iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
•Requires iOS 5.0 or later
•Android OS 2.3.3 or later

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