The Stachey Bros – Trapped on Snow Den Island

A refreshing mix of puzzle, logic and color match arrives on iOS

Munich, Germany – December 9, 2015 – Ritter Mobile Technology and Ukando Software are thrilled to announce the release of their new puzzle game Stachey Bros for iOS.

Stachey Bros is a story-based puzzle game that has a fresh approach to the whole puzzle and ‘match-x’ genre. It is a challenging logic game that can even tell you the solution, if you get stuck. The gameplay is always simple and has this special essence to become a blockbuster: It reminds of classic games like Sokoban, has the addictive match-3 feeling but also comes with totally new ideas for a puzzle game.




‘After the success of our 4X real-time strategy game Alien Tribe 2 (iOS) we wanted to do something completely different and we think this is by far our best game. It has everything that a successful game needs: A great game idea, a crazy story with unique graphics and characters, a stunning soundtrack and most importantly a really challenging gameplay with never seen before puzzles’.

Stachey Bros is now available for free on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

The Stachey Bros are a secret society of crypto experts from all around the world. Their symbol of recognition is a moustache and they all have one common goal: To make the internet communication more secure and the world a better place. During their congress in Transylvania these experts were about to unveil a new and easy-to-use secure technology for communication. Several countries were anything but happy about this and so the Stachey Bros have been kidnapped by a secret service to a lunatic asylum on an island called Snow Den Island.

Snow Den Island is a huge island with a secret lunatic asylum where doctors, nurses, professors, guards and all the crazy people live. The only chance to escape from the Island is to walk the path of puzzles which has been created by the evil director of the sanatorium, “Mr. Surveillance”.