Star Traders 4X Empires Launches Hyperion Ship Designs

The turn-based galactic empire-builder Star Traders 4X Empires has just added a massive new expansion with the Hyperion Ship Pack. Now, your mighty empire can order the construction of all new Hyperion ship designs, harkening back to the time before the great Exodus. The 16 new ship designs add to the existing 24 designs bringing the total number of ship skins in the game to 40. With such variety at your fingertips you can customize your fleet with new depth, visually differentiating each lineage of ship design.

As your empire grows, you will continue to unlock new technologies and hundreds of ship components, weapons and armors become available. Advances in military science mean your fleet is in a constant state of redesign and upgrade. As you build your fleet strategy, you’ll identify ship designs that fill the different roles within your battle lines – fast fighters, ultra-heavier carriers to support them, and cruisers to provide the devastating hypersonic torpedo fire. The new Hyperion ship skins allow you to set the skin used for each different ship design, generation and battlefield role.

The Hyperion Ship Skin Pack includes:
· 4 new skins for light and agile fighters
· 4 new skins for torpedo boats, heavy gun boats and cruisers
· 4 new skins for scouts, colony hives, and transports
· 4 new skins for ultra-heavy carriers and refueling barges

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