Awem Releases Cradle of Empires for iOS Devices

Awem Games, the developer of such titles as Cradle Of Rome™ 1-2, the Golden Trails™ series, Letters from Nowhere™ 1-2, and other casual games and mobile apps, announces the official release of Cradle of Empires™ for iOS devices. The application is now distributed for free and available on the App Store worldwide.

Cradle of Empires™ is an adventurous match-3 game with elements of city builder that features a rich storyline, thrilling quests, and a dozen of appealing characters! It is the successor of the well-known Cradle titles that has an absolutely unique twist on the classic gameplay of the series.

Cradle of Empires™ is an exciting, yet cool, calm and collected family-friendly adventure. The player takes the role of the Chosen One, whose mission is to help the Egyptian Empire rise from the ruins. Fulfilling tasks from the citizens, collecting powerful artifacts and bonuses on match-3 levels and in the city, the player can work out his own gameplay strategy in his battle against the evil and bring the ancient civilization to its former glory.

Cradle of Empires™ Key Features: •A unique mix of match-3 puzzle, adventure and city builder never seen before
•All-new bonus system including amulets, totems, artifacts and more to help you choose your own gameplay tactics
•Original twists on classical Match-3 featuring six new modes of play
•Fairy-tale inspired story line with unexpected twists, interesting quests, and lots of appealing characters
•Additional content coming in updates with new quests, buildings, characters and civilizations
•Mesmerizing hand drawn graphics and original music

Pricing and Availability
Cradle of Empires™ is officially launched worldwide for the family of iOS devices. It runs on iPad 2 or later, iPhone 4 or later and requires iOS 5.1 or later. The application is free to play and includes in-app purchases.

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