Start your engines and get ready to race back to the 90’s in Racing Apex! (Video)

Lucky Mountain Games Ltd announces its new racing game Racing Apex, via Steam Green Light and Kickstarter campaigns. Described as “…the Daytona USA & Interstate ’76 Love Child You’ve Been Waiting For” Racing Apex is a fast and fun arcade style racing game that blends modern multiplayer gameplay with art, audio and music straight from the early 90’s, inspired by games such as Winning Run, Hard Drivin’ and Virtua Racing. With a bit of Wing War and Interstate 76 sprinkled in.


• Arcade style handling that is easy to pickup for beginners but challenging enough for racers who want to master the tracks.
• Race with or without weapons – if you prefer a pure Virtua Racing type experience, or you love car combat – the choice is yours!
• Select from 8 drivers, each with their own unique vehicle selection
• Choose from over 30 vehicles that can be fully modified and show the scars of battle on the track.
• All vehicles have four modes – Standard, Pro Race, Speed or Rally
• Over 16 circuits to race on, race under bright blue skies, in the rain or at night!
• Online global and national leaderboards show the worlds greatest racers. Get your name to No.1!
• Amazing soundtrack from Waterflame (CastleCrashers, Layerz, GeometryDash) and Jason Heine from Heine

House Entertainment (who provided music and audio design for Horizon Shift) The excitement of playing arcade games in the early 90’s is burned into our memories and we want to bring that excitement back with Racing Apex. The Racing Apex core team consists of two developers who have worked on Burnout Legends, Burnout Paradise, Midnight club LA Remix and many more. This experience making racing games is being utilised in Racing Apex, to add modern gameplay elements to the classic solid polygon art style.

If funded, Racing Apex will be released on Windows, Mac and Linux in early 2017.
Closed Alpha, Beta and Early Access are planned for late 2016.