Steel Surge, Part One of the “Steel Series” Trilogy, Released Worldwide on Android and iOS

The newest game from TAYUTAU K.K.’s Tokyo Otaku Games brand – Steel Surge – is now available for download on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Steel Surge is an endless robot running game set in a world dominated by computers. Tommy Tominaga, the hero of the “Steel Series” games, must pilot his mech to escape from a ruined city by avoiding obstacles and traps. Obstacles can also be destroyed, providing the player with coins that can later be used to purchase new mechs and weapons, or upgrade existing ones.

Players can look forward to two sequels, which will release soon.

Price: Free (includes in-app purchases)
Category: Casual, Action
Requirements: Android 2.3 or later / iOS 6 or later
Official website:
Twitter account: @TOG_SteelSeries

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