Stikbold! heads to the 2016 Dodgeball World Cup (Video)

Celebrated indie game – out on PC today and consoles next week – inks deal to become exclusive court sponsor of the inaugural 2016 Dodgeball World Cup Manchester, held in association with The World Dodgeball Association

Following its release at today on PC and next week on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, crazy, 70s-inspired sports adventure Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure will be going where no indie game has gone before: to the World Cup.

Curve Digital and Game Swing have signed a deal with The World Dodgeball Association to become the exclusive court sponsor of the inaugural 2016 Dodgeball World Cup Manchester, which will take place on April 16th 17th, at the National Basketball Arena, Manchester, UK.

The event – the first of its kind – is organised by the World Dodgeball Association and will pit eight nations against each other across two days, as teams such as The United States of America, England, Malaysia and Egypt compete for both the men and women’s trophies.

Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure is a brilliant single- or multiplayer dodgeball quest in which players take charge of Bjorn and Jerome as they set out on a heroic rescue mission in the name of love and glory. Players will embark on an epic journey across a host of wild and wacky dodgeball arenas, using their dodgeball skills to defeat opponents, teams and bosses in one of the most inventive sports games ever seen.

Not only will Stikbold! feature prominently on court at the event – but as the game is officially presented in association with The World Dodgeball Association, everyone who attends the finals will receive a copy of the game at the event. In addition, Stikbold! will feature prominently throughout the venue, giving dodgeball fans the opportunity to see for themselves how the game brings their sport so vividly to life.

“We’re absolutely thrilled about this partnership,” says Simon Byron, publishing director, Curve Digital. “When we discovered that the Dodgeball World Cup was happening not just on our doorstep, but almost at the same time as release, we just had to get involved. Whilst Stikbold! isn’t necessarily a simulation of dodgeball, it is firmly based in the sporting arena – and we’re determined to have fun in Manchester during the World Cup.”

“The eyes of the world’s dodgeball players will focus on Manchester in April, offering the sport its greatest ever stage,” adds Tom Hickson, President, The World Dodgeball Association. “We’re delighted to welcome Stikbold! to join the celebrations – it may operate outside of the strict rules of the professional game, but it’s dodgeball through and through. We hope that through this partnership more people will seek out local associations and take an interest in the sport that inspired such a brilliant videogame.”

Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure out today on PC, on PlayStation 4 on April 5th and Xbox One on April 8th April 2016.

● Cooperative Story Campaign for 1 or 2 players
● Accessible gameplay with 3 difficulties
● Discover a charming and colourful world full of quirky personalities
● Earn achievements and unlock the full roster of zany characters
● Epic 4-player brawls
● Player-controlled hazards… because playing unfair is half the fun!
● 5 different levels with unique themes, challenges and hazards
● Reinvent the game! Experiment and personalize the game by changing the rules

The Dodgeball World Cup will be held in at the National Basketball Arena, Manchester, UK, between April 16th and 17th, with warm-up events on 14th and 15th. More information and tickets can be found at